The datasets and resources in this section were used in published works are freely available for further research.



  • Benchmark Dataset of Greek Tweets: The dataset we used for our work related to the sentiment analysis of the Greek Language.
  • Kinect Source Separation Dataset:  A dataset containing mixed speech and music sources for the purpose of audio separation. There are recordings of 2, 3 and 4 audio sources, spread in a real room in various positions.


Greek Sentiment Lexicon

  • The new Greek Sentiment Lexicon. This a stemmed (Greek stemmer of Ntais 2006) lexicon contains sentimental rating for Greek entries, that are produced from a semi-automatic method described in our paper “Sentiment Analysis of Greek Tweets and Hashtags using Sentiment Lexica” and are specialized for sentiment analysis of microblogging data.


Diploma Thesis

  • Audio source Separation in Real Room Environment PDF(written in Greek)