Slack update of training Progress

SlackBot Message

In this blogpost, I will show how you can make your python scripts notify you for the progress of your training, through Slack messages.

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A nice progess bar for trainning code with tqdm

In this blogpost we show how to add a simple progress bar in your training code.

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Visualize your Pytorch Model. Don’t waist GPU time.

It feels very common to spend a significant amount of time training something only to find out afterward that there is a bug in the model architecture. I dont know if you can relate to that experience. The following small script can help to quickly visualize every model that I include in my training scripts.

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Talk with your network with Visdom

Visdom Callback

In this post, I will give an example of how to set up callable UI with Visdom. It will give you the ability to request a picture from your Pytorch training script just by pressing a key on the keyboard.

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